Sustainable Marketing + Communciations in the era of Climate Change

Most of us are concerned about climate change, and increasingly, we’re aware that we need to lower our footprint and adapt. As individuals and collectively.

Businesses too. In their core business, yes, but also in their marketing and communications, and also in how they talk about what they do.

There is an opportunity in this, and I’m not talking about greenwashing. This is about taking a hard look at the environmental cost of a business’s marketing and working to minimize it. Packaging, promotion, sales, advertising, chances are, there is a more sustainable way to do it. I’d be delighted to help you get there.

Four Steps to Sustainability

  • Assess
  • Create a plan
  • Execute
  • Measure and report.

This is a pivotal and exciting time and I look forward to speaking with you about how I can help you make that happen.

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