Analytics, Social Media, WebsitesThe web remains a highly economical and effective way to market yourself and communicate your message. It’s also a fabulous way to gather research. We specialize in putting it to work for you.


We build, maintain and refresh websites. All of our sites are mobile-friendly and are built using  WordPress. Our sites are designed to be update-able and as clean and easy-to-maintain as possible.

Your Digital Profile

LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Xing… there are so many options online. We’ll help you make solid and informed choices about which ones will help you achieve your marketing goals and which ones you can simply forget about. We can also make sure that your profiles are complete, consistent and interconnected, and help you develop a plan for sustaining them.

Digital Advertising

Online advertising is more economical, more targeted, more measureable, and less environmentally harmful than most traditional advertising. We can help you develop, budget, build, and manage your plans — on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter, and Instagram.

Digital Data Mining

Wherever you are online, your audience is speaking to you. Tap into that deep and valuable well of data and use it to shape your business and your marketing.

Your website traffic can tell you where your visitors are, how they move through your site, which pages ramp them up and what leaves them cold. Your organic and paid social media and Google Adwords data can tell you the age, gender, location, interests, online behaviors and sometimes the income of your audience. Hone your buyer persona. Identify your brand ambassadors on your social media and e-newsletter reports.

We are strictly white-hat operators and adhere to Canadian Anti-SPAM legislation (aka CASL).

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