Brand Management, Design Production

Brand Rescue

Pull out and compare your latest marketing materials to those from a couple of years ago. Has your brand drifted? Do fonts and colours confuse and confound? Can’t tell your .png from your RGB? Can’t find a dang thing, or finding everything except the file your want?

We’ll clean it all up for you. We can also train your staff to keep your look and content messaging consistent.

Brand Tuning

Is your brand feeling stale? Brands and marketing materials need a regular refresh, otherwise target markets stop “seeing” them.

Fear not: We’re not talking about a lengthy, jarring or expensive overhaul. A methodical tweak could well make it purr again.

Design Production

One-offs and templates for digital advertisements, forms, powerpoints, website, social media.

On a retainer basis or at a reasonable hourly rate. And here’s the kicker: we always provide working files.

Give us a call at 705-645-5225 or drop me a line at I look forward to hearing from you.

~Tamsen Tillson