The Tillson Group is a Muskoka-based marketing and communications company run by me, Tamsen Tillson.

Is Tamsen Tillson your real name?
• Yes it is. It’s even on my birth certificate. (And yes my parents were free thinkers.) I’m a former journalist who fell in love with design and the web way back in 2007. View my LinkedIn profile.

We are like a very small ad agency.
• We do strategy, digital, branding, design, and content.

The Tillson Group is hands on.
• Much of what gets done here starts with me. Clients deal with me directly.

Having said that, I love to team up.
• I partner with coders, designers, videographers and other makers of magic when the project commands. Thus the “Group” part. I have lots of very talented colleagues in my Rolodex. OK that’s a lie. I don’t have a Rolodex. They’re in my Gmail Contacts.

We believe in sharing.
• You will never have trouble getting working files or passwords out of us. I’ve noticed that that can be an issue at the most inconvenient of times, so I’m putting that on the table right at the start.

It doesn’t cost a thing to chat. Contact me any time at tamsen@tillson.ca or 705-645-5225.