Getting Elected This Fall

Susan MacFarlane for Sarnia City Council poster

August 9, 2018 — My old friend Susan MacFarlane is running for Sarnia City Council in the upcoming municipal election. Here is her digital poster, designed by yours truly. I’m also helping her with her promoted Facebook campaign.

Notwithstanding the fact that I’m really, truly, 110% behind Susan —I know she’s got the stuff— I’m also going to put in a plug here.

A-hem. Know someone who is running in the Ontario municipal election who might wish to delegate some of their campaign management? Hello there! We’d be happy to help.

Strategy -> Campaign planning, messaging, budgeting, scheduling, media and public relations.

Content ->  Media releases, newsletters, website content, researching, writing, copyediting.

Digital -> Promoted and organic digital (social media) campaigns, website development and maintenance.  Analytics, search engine optimization.

Design -> Develop your branding. Make it look consistently amazing, everywhere. Caveat: at the Tillson Group we’re all about minimizing waste. Yes you can achieve — and exceed — your goals while eschewing physical signage, printing, and disposable trinkets.*

*How, you ask? Direct your budget away from anything disposable. Talk about it, and talk about why you’re doing it. (And if you must, source green, local, and fair trade. And you can talk about that too.) 

Contact us at or give me a call at 705-645-5225.

~Tamsen Tillson

PS. If you live in Sarnia, please check out the Susan MacFarlane for Sarnia City Council Facebook page, and consider giving her your vote.

PPS. Please vote!